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Best way to deal with breakup

Getting over a breakup is one of the hardest things to go through for anyone. It’s that zone nobody wants to be in, but most of us end up there at some point in life.

So if you are looking for some help to get over the breakup and shake off all the gloom, then we are here to help.

In this video, Aayush from Bonobology shares his best tips to get over a bad breakup. He says maintaining a grief diary, where you can pour everything that you are feeling inside after losing the love of your life, is an excellent way to start the healing process. Writing it all down makes it easier for you to come to terms with your thoughts, much like self-therapy.

If this doesn’t work out, join a gym. When you work out, you release happy hormones called endorphins, and they make you feel good – something that you need the most during this time. While you are sweating it, listen to some good, energetic and peppy music. But no sad song, please.

Finally, reach out to your best friend and share your thoughts unabashed. Your best friend is someone who is not going to judge you, and he will give you the advice you need the most to move on. So take help, break a sweat and start writing (in any order) to get out of the breakup zone.

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