Beware!! Auto Correct Can Finish Off Your Budding Relationship

There was a time when we wrote letters with so much of effort that even one scratch mark or mistake in it meant that we would tear away that sheet and start again from the very beginning. Now things have changed so much that not only are we guilty of sending messages with short forms that are often undecipherable but also make typo errors due to the autocorrect function that are both hilarious and often unpardonable.

So sometimes we intend to write something and auto correct ends up writing something else. This could land us in an embarrassing situation but if we can laugh at our own follies then this could be treated with hilarity.

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Here’s How Auto Correct Can Land You In A Mess

When you are typing be careful you are not ending up with this…

1. Dimple or nipple?

You have met this girl with the cutest dimples ever. You have managed to get her number from a common friend. You have mustered up the courage to send her a message. Then comes the monster auto correct. Instead of writing “I love your dimples”, you land up sending “I love your nipples”. Yes, after this,you can forget about ever talking to her again.

2. Beside or inside?

You have been dating this guy for some time. Slowly things are moving to a more serious level. But you have been taking it slow because you want to be sure of him before you move ahead in the relationship. Then comes the earth shattering message from you to him. Instead of writing “I wish you were beside me now” autocorrect turns it into “I wish you were inside me now”. The guy would surely be smiling reading this, not knowing how red in the face you would have become after such a folly.

3. Hungry or horny?

When the innocuous “I am hungry, please get me something” that you send to your partner turns into “I am horny, please get me something” you can rest assured that your embarrassment will kill you from inside.

4. Paid or laid?

At the end of the day when you are chatting with you partner, she asks you what you are doing and how your day was. In your excitement to tell her that you are happy because you got “paid” your salary today you don’t notice the typo error that has turned the sentence into, “I am happy because I got laid today”. Don’t be surprised if you get blocked after this.

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5. Monday or man boob?

The guy asks how your day at work is going and in your effort to show you sarcastic you can be, you land up writing “I love man boobs” instead of “I love Mondays”. A part of him will know that this was a typo but he will surely appear shocked at reading such a remark from you.

And then there are some more:

  • The romantic “You need to be home” turns into “You need to be gone.”
  • Short form for second becomes sex.
  • Menstruating turns to masturbating.
  • The simple cold drink ‘Coke’ gets converted to ‘Cock’
  • Hell but a pencil becomes a penis

I know, it is extremely funny reading about such typo mistakes that people often commit. However, if you have ever made them yourself you would know how red in the face it makes you. Some, in fact, even have the tenacity to ruin a blooming relationship altogether. So, next time you are sending a message, please do be a little more careful.

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