Bigg Boss Tamil and the fuss about Oviya and Aarav

Oviya and Aarav- Bigg Boss tamil

Tamil Nadu is in denial now. Reason? The way that their cult show is going. I’m talking about the phenomenon that is Bigg Boss Tamil.

Since the day the show started, there has been no dearth of controversies. Like every other edition of hyped-up reality TV shows, this one also has its share of cornering the housemates, ganging up against each other, love affairs and hate stories. The one that came to the limelight through the infamous voluntary exit of one of the popular contestants is of Oviya and Aarav.

Drama in real life

Last week ended in distress for Oviya when she left the BB house voluntarily due to mental instability. It is said that she attempted suicide by jumping into the pool inside the house. It is also said that the behaviour of one of the housemates, Aarav, led to her depression.
From the episodes that were telecast, we understand that Oviya took to Aarav and they flirted back and forth. While Oviya claimed that she loved Aarav, Aarav is said to have led her on till the end and broke her heart by ‘friend zoning’ her. It is evident for the viewers that both seemed to have an interest in each other. What happened towards the end that made Aarav break it up suddenly, and if he really wasn’t into Oviya, why did he lead her on, etc. remain murky.

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Many opinions have surfaced saying this was not the right way to break up from a relationship. I have my own doubts if a ‘relationship’ existed between Aarav and Oviya in the first place. Even if it had, this is how 90% of relationships fall apart these days. One of the parties or both lose interest in each other and there it ends. If it was non-consensual, then there will be name-calling, else all will be fine with them. Period. I don’t get what the fuss is all about. If I remember correctly, there was an episode early on where Oviya comes to Aarav and says that she was crazy to have expressed her love to him and says that they could be friends henceforth. So I don’t get what the fuss is.

She’s stronger than this

Moreover, if Aarav had stopped talking to her suddenly, she should have gone about her business as usual. Honestly, I had expected Oviya to be much stronger than this, given the way she was dealing with the other people in there like a boss. I thought she had pride and dignity. She is anyway a bigger person than all the other housemates put together and this couldn’t have broken her to this extent.

She should have known that Aarav was not the only guy on the planet and that she has a life outside the BB house.

Our mainstream media has not portrayed the ‘rejection’ aspect in a relationship on a practical level. It has always been stalking the girl till she gives in, or killing the girl or the guy who got rejected. There is no middle way shown in the media. Life is not like that at all. There is a realm beyond these creepy extremes. In most cases, people accept realities and move on. It will be painful, no question about it. But that pain would be temporary. As a person, one has two choices – either wilt away in the pain or dust it off and move on.

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All of these made me wonder. What if it was a guy in Oviya’s place and it was a girl in Aarav’s place. What if despite the girl moving away, the guy maintains that he loves her and gets his heart broken in the process? Would we all be as empathetic as we are now? Would we still be sympathising with the guy or would we ask him to move on, calling him an idiot? The answer makes me wonder at the inherent gender bias that we, as a society, uphold and practice.

Now that the drama has ended owing to many other evictions, I personally don’t think Oviya or Aarav would pursue this till the end. I still feel it was just an attraction and that it was showcased just to present the viewers with some masala. Life is outside the BB house and it does not stop.

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