The biggest war is going on in an unexpected place

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Forget the World Wars; bigger wars are going on as you are reading this. The World Wars were fought at the frontiers, but this war is being fought in each family. The war we are talking about is the war between generations.

The inter-generation war is on like never before, because young people have been going places never travelled before. The parents are getting shocked at the Unsanskari behaviour of their children.

Unsanskari young people are at war with their shocked parents

With the advancement in information technology we are truly living in a global village. Young people of India are getting exposed to international culture like never before. They can literally see the world. They know there are endless possibilities if only they dare to dream.

But it is not that easy for their parents to adapt so fast. They are also witnessing the revolution in information technology, but mostly they use it to forward Sai Baba’s pictures or nice Good Morning messages.

The ways in which the generations are at war

Their heads are exploding seeing the things their children are doing. The children have become “hassles” in many ways.

  • The young people are choosing “outlandish” careers, like becoming YouTube stars. Parents are left wondering, “What happened to safe options like engineering?”
  • The young people are fashion conscious. They want to follow international trends, which may not be “sanskari” enough for parents. And to parents’ distress, now one can get trendy cloths anywhere from online shops to neighbourhood stores.
  • To the horror of the parents, young people have stopped giving much importance to marriage. They either postpone their wedding or start living in with their partner. Being open about sex is becoming less and less taboo among young people.

The parents are doing everything in their power to stop them

The parents are not accepting defeat easily. They are fighting hard using various strategies.

1. Emotional blackmail

  • “Beta, if you study Hindi literature how will I show my face in the next family wedding?”
  • “0” (Silent treatment)
  • “Beta, I will stop eating till you don’t promise me to wear only skirts which goes till 6 inches below your knees.
  • “What will Mrs Sharma say when she gets to know you are living with Rahul without marriage? People will stop coming to my parties.”
  • Crying non-stop in front of a big picture of Alok Nath.

2. Reasoning

  • “Beta, finish BTech, then do whatever you feel like or don’t do anything. I mean, let’s be honest you would end up not doing anything if you choose now to go for graduating in Hindi.”
  • “Beta, you will catch cold if you wear crop top and then you have to miss the Goa trip with your friends.”
  • “Rahul is a nice guy, total husband material. Why don’t you have a civil marriage without telling your friends about it? They will continue thinking highly of you, assuming you are only living in.”

3. Bribing

  • “Your father is saying he will send you to Las Vegas for Engineering course. Just think about it, studying in daytime and whole nights in casinos!”
  • “Let’s go shopping to Zara, my treat! You will see how trendy my choice is.”
  • “If you have a wedding, then you can get furniture and gadgets as gifts. The flat, of course will be from our side. No rent or instalments to pay ever!”

4. Threat

  • “If you don’t get married to Rahul, then don’t bother coming home. You have to miss out my special chicken masala and caramel pudding forever.”
  • “If you are planning to graduate in Hindi, then better say bye to your car. You will have enough time to travel by local buses.”
  • “If you want to buy clothes of your choice then spend your own money on them. No clothes allowances from me.”

Children have also a few tricks up their sleeves

If parents are fighting hard, why would their children be left behind, after all they are their children. They know a few infallible tricks too.

  • Crying and giving up food
  • More crying and really giving up food
  • Some more crying and giving up even ordering pizzas

They know from their experience since childhood their fathers can’t take it if they cry and the mothers can tolerate a child not eating for half an hour at most.

Consequences of the War

There is only one loser in the war; that is the loving relationship between parents and children. However “Unsanskari” the children may be, they don’t want to be estranged from their parents forever. Parents may be mad now at Unsanskari children, but they have not stopped loving them.

Compromises by both parties are bringing both generations closer in most cases.

  • “Okay Mama, me and Rahul will have an engagement for now.”
  • “Okay beta, you can wear crop top in hostel and while travelling.”
  • “Okay beta, go for Hindi. I have done research on the Net. It has many prospects.”

Unfortunately, in a few cases, no party intends to compromise, leading to sad endings.

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