Body Positivity Vs Society – Fight Against Body Shaming: Geetarsh Kaur & Raksha Bharadia

Fight Against Body Shaming
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Body shaming is bullying, there is absolutely no doubt about it. But over time, it has become this sort of bullying that has become widely accepted in some cultures. From parents to extended family members to your very own school friends, one undergoes some kind of body shaming at least once in their life. It may seem harmless at first, coming off as playful banter that you try not to take much note of. But these seemingly small teasing remarks can have a big role to play in one’s self image and self esteem.

Some cultures and some people are so preoccupied with the notions of a perfect body, that they seem to judge everyone else against it. When this becomes ingrained societally, it can begin to affect a wide range of people in all sorts of ways. Such causes of body shaming is the reason many people undergo body dysmorphia or other mental health issues when they really have nothing to worry about.

Fight Against Body Shaming

Being too tall, too skinny, too wide or even having some kind of acne are all things that are ridiculed and considered ‘Not pretty’. While most of these things are out of one’s control, one is still somehow accused of it, like some kind of a crime. But even this definition of what is ‘Pretty’ or ‘Nice’ is not inch-perfect. It changes across people and cultures too, only further creating divides between those who are considered beautiful and those who are not.

Know that you are not alone. Body shaming is a wide problem that stems from prejudices and notions that have no real basis. It’s never about you or who you are. It’s all about them and their way of thinking. Beauty is everywhere and putting it into boxes is only unfair.

More than gender, societal conditioning is what comes into play when one wants to understand the causes of body shaming. There is a gender perspective to it indeed but men and women are both prone to body shaming.

The people pleasing psychology comes from a strong sense of wanting to be validated. But constantly chasing being ‘liked’ by others can adversely affect your mental health. One needs to know why people pleasing is a bad habit to form in the long term.

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You are more than what you see in the mirror. Way more than what you see in the mirror. Love yourself and your body!

One often talks about Instagram filters, body image issues and even body dysmorphic disorder being a natural consequence of the same. But many find refuge in these filters that allow them to be their best selves. It’s a tiny part of their lives where they don’t feel judged.

Learning the correct way of carrying yourself is just a part of respecting oneself and one’s body. These little corrections and restrictions can shape you to be a better self that you can be proud of.

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