Bollywood on-screen deaths that still make us sad

Death is a part of life, indeed. Yet, it breaks the heart of the people when it so happens. Bollywood has monetized on deaths as well and given us some heart wrenching and moving death scenes that we find hard to get over from. These heart-breaking Bollywood on-screen deaths feel like a personal loss to us and we have all collectively grieved for the same, long after the movie was done and dusted.

A list of Bollywood on-screen deaths that made us cry

  1. Anand (Rajesh Khanna) in Anand

‘Babumoshai, Zindagi lambi nahi badi honi chaiye.’ Anand, the movie and the man himself, taught us a thing or two about how death is inevitable but dying before you truly die is in your hands. He lived his life to the fullest despite being aware of the impending doom. And while all of us knew what’d follow in the end, it did not get any easy for us when it did happen. When Anand dies and his recorded tape plays in the background, his voice floating in the melancholic air gave us all some literal goosebumps, didn’t it?

  1. Jai (Amitabh Bachchan) in Sholay

I think we would all agree that Jai and Veeru’s friendship was something we all envied and wished to have in our lives. It’s not necessary to have a soulmate to complete you, sometimes your best friend and your platonic friendship with them becomes the essence of your life. Seeing Veeru without Jai was impossible. They were always a team. So when Jai breathed his last in his best friend’s lap, we all bawled our eyes, didn’t we?

Now, watch the video to know the most dramatic deaths in Bollywood besides the ones mentioned above! You’ll need some tissues.

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