Bollywood stars and their lesser known wives

Not every Bollywood couple comes from the same fraternity. These B-town stars, for example, have married outside the industry and in this video we are going to shed some light on their lesser known wives.

John Abraham married Priya Ranchal, an investment banker from USA. The King Khan aka SRK married his childhood sweetheart Gauri who chose fashion designing as her career. Suniel Shetty is married to Mana Shetty, a fashion designer and social worker. Vivek Oberoi married Priyanka Alva, the daughter of Karnataka minister Jeevaraj Alva. Neil Nitin Mukesh too married outside Bollywood, Rukmini Sahay. Imran Khan got married to his childhood sweetheart Avantika Malik, an interior designer.

There are more such Bollywood stars who found love outside the industry. Watch the video to know more about them.


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