#BonoCoupleActivity: Couples who workout together, work out forever.

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couple doing exercise together

With 2018 here, there is no doubt that a lot of resolutions were made to get in shape or lead healthier lifestyles. Bonobology approached expert fitness instructor Neha Shah for some simple couple workouts that can be done at home. Start off this year right by sweating it out with your partner. Watch the video below for the workout routine!


• Start with the tire steps
• Squats
• Abs

Each of these exercises should be done for 30-45 seconds and repeat the full set 3 to 5 times depending on your fitness level.

Please make sure you do 5 minutes of warm-up before the workout.

Make sure you stretch after. Enjoy your workout!

Neha Shah is a fitness expert who combines learning and training through her knowledge in the fitness and wellness domain. She is an author of a book on health and runs two fitness studios in the heart of Ahmedabad. She has trekked Mount Everest base camp and the Zanskar river Chaddar trek too!

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