#BonoCoupleActivity : Learn the art of tantric massage and surprise your partner

tantric massage

What better way to kickstart #BonoCoupleActivities than a tantric massage to help you connect with your partner and bring the two of you closer?

This week we bring to you an expert’s breakdown on how to give a tantric massage to your partner.

Watch the video below by Ashish Paul and connect with your partner through a slow and sensual massage. You will be amazed at what massages can reveal about the other.

PC Update

Ashish Paul is a qualified Ayurvedic Physician (BAMS-Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) and a Medical Herbalist (MSc Herbal Medicine). She teaches yoga and breathing techniques to all her patients.  She educates people about the preventative methods to reduce the risk of diseases and live an optimally healthy life. Her company’s name is Ashishveda.

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A simple tantric tip for couples

Give each other the beautiful gift of slow erotic sensual massages.

If you have not connected with your partner like this ever before, then try it now!

Day and Time: Make sure you have a lot of time as one cannot rush a massage… and a sensual one even more so. Choose a day that suits you both.

Ambience: Keep the lighting dim, use scented candles if you like. Keep the temperature right, you don’t want to be too cold or too warm.

Oils: Select a nice natural oil of your choice, like sesame, coconut, almond… whatever soothes your senses the most.

What to do on Day One: Day one is only for one partner to receive the massage. The couple must plan a separate day for the receiver to give a massage to the giver. For the giver, this is his/her day of loving, giving and nurturing.

How to massage: Ask your partner to first lie down on his/her stomach. Start the massage from the tips of the toes and move up all the way to the head. Next, ask you, partner, to lie on his/her back and massage the front. You don’t have to be a massage therapist to get the strokes right. Just be loving towards your partner, let your affections guide you and simply allow yourself to connect freely with each other.

Next time, you will be the receiver. That day you must accept and receive fully the love and massage that your partner gives you.

No Sex: Remember this is not foreplay to any sexual activity. Do not do anything sexual during or after the massage. Keep this day exclusively for giving or receiving massages. Simply enjoy ‘being’ with each other.

Tell us how it goes. We’ll be happily thrilled to hear from you.

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