Affair and Cheating

Book excerpt: The THC: Under a Gibbous Moon

An excerpt from Manoj Jain’s second book

She and Jaiveer had separate bedrooms in their house. While they spent a lot of time together and ate their meals together, they had decided mutually that they would not sleep in the same bedroom for life.

They might spend a Sunday afternoon in the same bed or cuddle up with each other in the morning but they each had their own space and room. Her mother had sent her the faithful swing from their old apartment before she sold it and moved to Surat, and Jaiveer had got it installed in her bedroom’s balcony. Sanjaneka would spend a lot of her free time on it, reading a book or listening to music.

It had been uncomfortable to discuss it with each other but three months after they returned to Delhi, they had talked about sex outside the marriage and made rules for themselves.

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