Boundaries In Relationships – Geetarsh Kaur & Raksha Bharadia

Why are boundaries important in relationships? The question is being asked more and more frequently as the landscape of relationships around us changes.

Even more so in the Indian context where most of us have grown up without space in relationships with others and boundaries in our relationships with our parents, siblings and families.

The first step toward making a change on the front is to not look at boundaries as an ominous or dirty word in a relationship.
For that to happen, you need to understand what boundaries are and how to set them.

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Then comes the question – How do boundaries affect relationships? Once you have clarity on all of these aspects, you will begin to recognize that healthy relationships and boundaries go hand in hand.

In a nutshell, boundaries in a relationship are an understanding that certain lines cannot be crossed by you or your partner for the sake of preserving and respecting each other’s self-esteem, sense of self, privacy and self-respect.

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For instance, personal boundaries examples in a relationship could include how much ‘me’ time one or both partners want and expect from each other. Quality time in a relationship is important, but you must also spend a good amount of time with yourself.

Likewise, emotional boundaries examples could include agreeing on how to resolve relationship arguments or reconnect after a fight.

This can happen only when boundaries are mutually agreed upon by both partners rather than forced by one on the other.

Every couple must focus on these five types of boundaries in relationships – financial, physical, sexual, intellectual and emotional, and set them as a team.

But how? Of course, open and honest communication is key, and it rests on four Ts – tone, technicality, truth and timing.
Boundaries are about honoring your respect, not taking control.

In the thick of this pandemic that has constricted us to our homes, forcing couples to spend more time together than ever before, setting and respecting boundaries is more important than ever before.

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