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7 boy habits that make an Indian girl cringe

Here are a few habits typical of men that make people cringe.
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Belly belching, making fart noises with your armpits, sneezing without covering your mouths, or chewing too loudly – of course these are applicable to all irrespective of gender. But annoying habits come in unannounced – sometimes they crop up when you are on a date with a man or sometimes it happens on public transportations. These habits come almost like a reflex. Men have lesser inhibition than women, agreed. But there are a few habits that are so cringe-worthy. Everyone has habits you cannot like to hate. Some smell of machismo and some are plain old boyish charm. Or is it?

Here are a few habits typical of men that make people cringe

1. Adjusting balls in public

If you ever have seen a male friend squirm in their jeans or reach through his pockets to position his underwear, you know what I am talking about. There is a whole Google search dedicated to how to manage adjusting balls in public. I kid you not! While us women won’t ever know how uncomfortable it really gets with squished balls in public, let me tell you, it makes others cringe.

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2. Scratching inside the shirt

If I had a rupee every time I witnessed someone put their hand inside their shirt to scratch, I would have been at least a hundred bucks rich. It is so common that we tend not to notice it. But there is this prolonged scratching that goes on for a minute or two that makes you want to buy them a pack of Dermi Cool.

3. Sitting with legs wide open

That too with tight pants! It is just like wearing bike shorts and playing on a trampoline. Sitting with legs open is fine but making a view is not appropriate or pleasing to the eyes. I had once gone out with a man who wore tight trousers and sat with his legs wide open the entire time, making me really uncomfortable the whole time. He appreciated my glance or two down there with a smirk but some other older people gave him odd glances. Not appeasing enough, dude!

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4. The 360 degree angle head turn to check out other women

Oh, how unsubtle. And not just the flirty kind of looks, there are times when they follow people with their eyes until they are out of sight. You know the panoramic motion in camera phones these days? Like that. Sometimes the eyesight goes from top to bottom too. Whatever the reason, it is not just disrespectful to the people sitting opposite to you but might invite some hostile talks from the person being checked out.

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5. Fart loudly and be proud about it

“Ekdom atom bomb jaisa” was what was a fart was described by a friend of mine. It had a rotten sulphur-methane stink and people standing nearby obviously did not appreciate it one bit. Cringe-worthy much? I would think so.

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6. Break out the ‘gun’ show

Biceps are not a thing anymore. So bringing your top gun game is not sexy anymore. Won’t count as a cringe-worthy but getting there slowly when it’s in an overdose.

7. Overuse of swear-words

I notice people swearing relentlessly, especially when driving. Whether they are riding a bike or a car (flying a chopper is not really universal), the rowdy traffic can get on people’s nerves but abuses hurled in the name of someone’s mother or sister is not just cringe-worthy but totally disrespectful. Aggressive driving is one thing but using behen-ki-beep or maa-ki-beep every single turn or every time someone cuts him off in a lane is no joke and calls for analysis on a deeper psychological level.

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  1. Hey like honestly , I do not do like a half of it but have seen men doing like that and the may be reason that I do not do any of these is my girlfriend. I think she is such a perfectionist who will never like it to be done. I try to carry all these even if she is not arouund me. But Last one is something I should work on :p

  2. True!!!

    And few guys just do not accept about their bad ( not actually bad but irritating) habits! Sometimes, no matter how much you love him, your man does that one thing that just irritates the hell of you. Isn’t it?

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