My boyfriend is from a different caste, so my parents oppose our marriage


Dear ma’am,

I am 26 years old, and my boyfriend is 28. He is from a different caste, working in a reputed company and has also cleared government exams.

My parents are not agreeing for my marriage with him. We love each other a lot and want to get married. My parents have a problem with his caste and financial status which is not equivalent to my family.

But he loves me a lot and will try to do everything for us. And moreover all his family members are also in good government jobs. I don’t want lose my boyfriend or my parents.

Please suggest something.

Kavita Panyam says:

Dear woman,

It is indeed unfortunate that you’re caught in an unpleasant situation between your boyfriend and parents and are looking for a solution.

Parents have their own anxiety

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Parents raise children with love and care and may hold dreams about their future. You must understand their anxiety and fear of kids making the wrong choices. Inter-caste marriages need careful thought before giving the final nod, as customs and traditions may differ leading to issues. Parents may not like to accept someone from a different caste for many reasons including the above mentioned.

Convince parents with love and patience

You and your boyfriend love each other but marriage is a serious thing and requires a thorough understanding of what one is getting into. Don’t allow emotions to get in the way of your final decision. If you are sure and convinced then you may have to convince your parents with love and patience. If your boyfriend is prepared to help you in this regard and is willing to wait till they come around, nothing like it.

The choice is yours. Choose your path carefully.

Good luck!


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