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Let’s admit it. Travelling is the thing now. Everybody wants to do it (and flaunt it). So how do this couple, Savi and Vid (of the Bruised Passports fame) manage to make travelling the world – not just their life’s mission, but also their bread and butter? How do they navigate the tricky areas of working together and finances, among other things?

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Savi and Vid’s love story is the proverbial childhood friends-turned-couple tale. They were good friends in school and pretty much knew everything about each other. After they became lovers, they didn’t find it difficult to accept and get used to the fact that they were more than friends.

Read on, as they tell Bonobology about their journey as a couple and how they go about making their dreams come true.

Marriage does change a lot of things; what were the biggest changes that both of you undertook for each other?

Well, to be honest, in our case, going from dating to being married wasn’t a change at all, except for the fact that we started living together – that, for us, was the biggest change (and the best change) since we could now spend more time with each other.

You have recently quit your jobs to pursue travelling and your blog Bruised Passports on a full-time basis. Did you sit down and discuss what this unconventional lifestyle would mean for your relationship?

Not really. Ever since we were young, we had a dream of taking a break from work and travelling the world. We had planned our work and savings accordingly. When we decided to quit our jobs, we did feel apprehensive about spending every waking (and sleeping) moment together for days at length, but it has been nothing short of amazing.

Do you think it is important for couples to talk about career choices, finances and what they want out of life?

Definitely. A couple can grow together only if each member grows individually too and for that, it’s imperative to discuss all things related to career, life’s ambitions, money, and relationships together.

We feel the reason we can talk about these things very easily is the fact that we were best friends before we started dating and built a strong foundation for our relationship. We respect each other and understand each other so discussing anything under the sun comes easily to us.

A lot of couples shy away from working together. How did you make it work for both of you?

Let’s be honest – even though working together can be a great thing for a couple, it also comes with its downfalls. It’s easy to argue and fight about things related to work if couples are not careful. We feel it’s important to draw a line between the business and the personal aspect of the relationship. Both of us make a conscious effort not to talk about work all the time and to take time off to talk about things other than work. It’s difficult, but we have been successful in working together as a team.

You also have a lot of fan following, which is a good thing in terms of being an entrepreneur, but do you think it takes away a little of your privacy as a couple?

Being part of the online world does mean that your life will be an open book and people will be privy to your daily habits and routines. We put only that much of our life out there that we are comfortable to share and it has worked out well so far. We love the fact that we have such a big virtual family and really enjoy meeting readers in different parts of the world.

What do you say to couples who may want to travel but may not have the finances and feel slightly left out when their social media timelines are flooded with travel updates from friends and family?

All we’d say is to not feel pressured into doing something just because the world is doing so. It’s okay to take only one trip a year. The bottom line is that one should enjoy whatever one is doing – be it working in a 9-5 job or travelling or playing the guitar.

What are the lessons that being on the road has given you?

Patience, respect for other human beings, and a different and more balanced perspective on life.

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Since both of you do your fashion shoots on your travels, who takes more time to get ready?

Both of us get ready very quickly and don’t spend much time in front of the mirror.  I guess Savi takes slightly longer to get ready.

Two destinations that you think are perfect when one is travelling to mend a broken heart or a marriage?

We feel it depends completely on the person and not the destination. While it’s not necessary for someone to travel to mend a broken heart, if we had to pick two places, they’d be Bali and Iceland.

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