Built a home, but couldn’t agree on the décor ideas

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You can build a home together but agreeing on the décor is a different ballgame altogether. Women dream of building this lovely home with potpourri, pretty floral curtains, beautiful knick-knacks from here and there, lovely memories frozen and decorated in frames and well, men just want a clean place to stay in. As always, there are exceptions to this theory as well (don’t jump on me!). Fortunately, my husband and I both love living in a beautiful home and appreciate beautiful things and a well-decorated home. We discuss and agree on most things décor, but there are a few exceptions to this décor bliss we share.

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My décor mantra is very kitschy and I like to add bright colours – a ‘boho-chic’ vibe to my décor. My husband, on the other hand, likes everything unique and different from anything you see anywhere.

owl clockFair enough! But can you imagine looking at a big owl staring at you when you enter someone’s home? You can if you enter ours! We have unique home décor. The owl is an acquired taste and I must say I have acquired it. Not my mother though. Every time she is visiting, she literally hates on the owl clock. She often tells me confidently that the owl is the source for any trouble or misunderstanding and we must get rid of it. While owls have begun to spring up prominently in home décor, fashion jewellery, etc., this owl borders on the scary side instead of being a cutesy prop. Just saying, although I’ve learnt to live with it.

My simplest makeover idea for my home is to change the curtains often. It is so economical but very effective at cheering up spaces and making a big difference. As a staunch believer in “Yards of pretty colourful fabric”, I also hoard them so much and buy more and more whenever we go shopping. We have more curtains than windows in our household in different themes, colours and sizes! We have moved quite often and I am known to acquire more and more curtains. You can see my husband visibly perspiring the minute I eye curtains anywhere! In my defence, it’s the easiest and most effective way to add colour to your home, as well as experience a visible change.

You can’t really change homes often but you can change your curtains! The husband does not really agree and thinks I have an OCD – Obsessed with Curtains Disorder!

This aspect of our preference bias is definitely a cliché but like every other man, the husband loves gadgets. I could probably add confidently that he loves music as much as he loves me. We’re both music lovers, but he takes it to a different level. We have a variety of speakers in all sizes, shapes and different capabilities in almost every single room, including the bathroom. He listens to heavy metal and is a rock fan, so for someone whose taste in music is the polar opposite – can it be music to the ears when you can hear it from every corner of our home or does it sound more like noise? What? I can’t hear you. I rest my case. I mean my ears could do with some rest, please. Please?

We’ve made our house a home filled with love and happiness, and also acquired a taste for each other’s quirky home décor ideas. The perfect element for a happy and beautiful home indeed!

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