Video on How can I bring my masturbation under control

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One of our Bonobology users had a query regarding how to break the habit of masturbation and keep his masturbation under control, and our counselor responded to it. Let’s see in detail what his question is about.

How to keep masturbation under control

This concerned man was married and also had a young child. Off late, he found himself lacking concentration in regards to having sex with his wife. Though, he ideally wanted and craved for masturbation. He also found himself wanting other women except for his wife. Flustered, frustrated and confused, he wishes to seek some practical tips on overcoming masturbation addiction.

A positive step to change

Often, people lose track of right and wrong. What this man suffered was from compulsive masturbating. The fact that he was aware of something being not right was the first step to wanting to change and getting better. Again, it’s quite easy to lose yourself in the thin line of separation between right and wrong, but once awareness hits you and you genuinely wish to change, nothing is impossible.

Sex is important

Sex is an integral part of our lives. Between the married couple, it’s not only sacred; it also brings the couple closer to each other. The two fall in sync with each other not only at a physical level but also mentally and spiritually. The energy emanates during the process helps them bond with each other as no two different people can. So sex isn’t just all about physical pleasure. Not desiring your spouse can lead to problems in martial life since lack of sex can indeed be frustrating.

Hopefully, this young chap’s questions were answered fruitfully by our counselor Sharmila Majumdar. In case you do not know how to control your urge to masturbate, watch the video.


Readers Comments On “Video on How can I bring my masturbation under control”

  1. Masturbation is a healthy and natural part of human sexuality and development. However, if you are unable to control your urge to masturbate it might affect your work, personal and social life.

    Here are more tips:

    1. Consume fruits and vegetables that increase energy
    2. Find someone to counsel you through your addiction
    3. Be motivated and never feel ashamed

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