How can I bring my masturbation under control?

I'm attracted to other women and prefer masturbation to sex with my wife
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Dear Dr. Sharmila,

Hope all is well. I am have been masturbating since a long time. Now I am married and have a child too but my mind still wants to continue in this way. I have less concentration during sex with my wife and also I feel attracted to other women. I want to have control but I cannot. Please let me know how to be in right track. Thank you.

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Dr Sharmila Majumdar says:


To stop compulsive masturbation or to stop any bad habit requires the exercise of self-control.

As with running, cycling, or lifting weights, the exercise of self-control

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  1. Practice of Pratipaksha bhavana is quites significant. There is passion, yet it is negative, self-oriented, selfish. It is desiring and infatuated. The pratipaksha bhavana is to convert that selfish passion into divine passion.

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