Can I fall in love?

pure love

Love cannot be just confined to the teenagers, nor it can be kept for the singles. It is a delicate shower of rain that can fall on you anytime and drench you completely in it.

I really don’t know why people are appalled to know that a married woman is madly in love with someone. Why is she not allowed to be happy?  Why is she judged for fantasizing about somebody with whom maybe she was very close for quite a long time?

I feel that the same had been experienced by me sometime even in my own life.

But it was horrifying to see the hatred in the eyes of someone whom one loves. Nothing can pacify him . He probably fantasizes that may be his wife has been spreading her legs for someone whom he doesn’t know. The problem lies here .He just keeps on building up stories of fantasy and imagining that his wife has been having a great time with  males  outside of their marriage. But how can he forget that the woman he has  been blaming is also the mother of his kid?

Being a married woman cannot restrict her from loving someone else- someone who makes her feel alive; someone who can take away the boredom from her life; someone who makes her smile again. Above all someone who is always with her. She knows that she doesn’t have to give anything in return ,neither she has anything to lose.Then why can’t she have  friends who can heal her from all the woes?

But she misses seeing the faith and trust in her better-half’s eyes. But that doesn’t stop her  and  she continues in her endeavor to find new friendships which promise to keep her young and beautiful both inside -out.  She finds this friendship very refreshing and since there is no sex involved, she finds it motivating. But she starts hiding her friendship from her family and this goes on for four years and she starts fantasizing about  this “so called friend” even when she is with her better -half . Though in bed with her husband, she just keeps dreaming about her friend who has completely drenched her in waters of pure love.

But what does society call such love? This platonic relationship  where there is no touching, no  physical meeting just chatting and sharing pics?



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