Can I file for divorce without confronting my wife?


Q: I recently married under family pressure but I love my girlfriend, we cannot live without each other. My family and my wife know about our relationship. I don’t understand how to leave my wife and start to live with my girl (my girl asked me to wait two years until she gets settled to marry me and till then I want to live alone outside). I don’t want to stay at home and face insults. I am planning to run away from home and start to live separately. Then after sometimes can I file for divorce? I didn’t have any sexual relations with my wife but I was sexually active while I was in a relationship with my girlfriend for five years. Please suggest what hurdles I might face or if I will get stuck in any legal/police case. Another reason to leave my wife is that I don’t feel love or attraction for her. She is a government servant but I have a private job.

Can my wife file a case on me? Am I doing anything wrong? Can her family members hit me?

Second, how can I file for divorce after running away from home without meeting my family and wife? Please clear my doubts.

how to file for divorce without confronting wife

A: You can face police complaints under dowry laws, IPC 498-A and cases under the Domestic Violence Act. She can also file an FIR for cheating against you and also against your parents.

If found guilty, you and your family can be convicted for long terms in jail.

You can otherwise file for divorce any time, but be ready to face a plethora of cases and if your wife is not ready to give you divorce then your entire life would be spent in going from court to court.

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