Can My Frustrating Sex Life Have An Impact On Other Spheres Of My Life?

Unhappy with sex life

I am a young man but my sex life is driving me crazy. Let me say this much it’s not what I expected it would be like and I am feeling very stressed out because of my frustrating sex life.

Can my sex life affect my life in other ways? 

I just feel my deplorable sex life is having a negative impact on my life in every way.

My Questions are:

Does your sex life affect your professional life?

Does that lead to anxiety and depression?

Does it shake your confidence?

Does that create fear in your mind and always negativity in your thoughts?

Does that affect your diet and workout schedule?

Does that have an effect on your overall performance?

Does that lead to mood swings?

Does that lead to gaining fat?

Does that lead to erectile dysfunction?

Please let me know?

Dear Worried Man,

Let me start by saying that unlike what we are programmed to perceive, sex is not just a physical act, a job or a task which gives you momentary pleasure. It is a simple thing yet at the same time involves a complex chain of events which is a conglomeration of the nervous system, endocrine system, vascular or end-organ system and above all an emotional state which ends in a peaceful state touching the zone of spiritual sphere.

Sex life does have an effect on all spheres of life

Several of the questions boil down to one fact. If a person is devoid of sexual attainment it does affect all spheres of life. To start with your health.

It affects the immune system of the person and would make that person susceptible to several diseases including cancer as it is known a happy and satisfied human can fight cancer cells more easily. I call it emotional chemotherapy.

Of course, it would affect work and professional life, because when one is not happy and content it directly affects the focus, passion and concentration. No one can possibly give his or her best till the mental state is positive.

Sexual inadequacy can lead to depression

Sexual inadequacy can lead to depression
Sexual inadequacy can lead to depression

Anxiety, depression is the leading medical disasters of today’s time. Sexual inadequacy can lead to the above or accentuate the already present ailment by amplifying it. On the contrary, finding a fulfilling partner can really help in the alleviation of the condition by increasing confidence and self-esteem. A lack of self-esteem can create social phobia. The mood swings are an added accessory to the above.

People look for instant gratification

I would not say that lack of sex can affect work out or general weight gain, but as in any deprived state, one tries to attack the most easily available ‘instant gratification’ in form of food.

Lack of confidence can lead to performance anxiety

Lack of confidence can lead to performance anxiety
Lack of confidence can lead to performance anxiety

Coming to the last query and the most important one is erectile dysfunction. Sex is all in the mind, so sexual frustration can lead to a lack of confidence which leads to ‘performance anxiety” and directly affects the erections. It is a vicious cycle.

All the best!!
Dr Rajan Joshi

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