Can a physically disabled woman ever find a mate?

physically disabled woman

How to find a groom for a lady whose right hand is slightly affected spasticity but is independent and functions as a normal individual?

It can be hard to imagine dating “the normal” way when almost all the stories that you are told about romance and love exclude people with disabilities. Thankfully, we have a better and a more efficient matchmaker today, at least by the sample size it lets you search with, the Internet.

I would highly suggest online dating. A simple Google search about ‘Disabled Dating Sites’ will bring out plenty of relevant options to search your mate on.

Just like everyone else, be aware of the pitfalls of online dating. Don’t believe everything you see and don’t doubt everyone you meet. It is a tricky balance.

The second option would be host meet and greet support groups for people with disability in your area and see if you come across others who are like you. I know it is tricky but has one has to keep one’s head on one’s shoulders.

Do remember a lot of what matters, just like with almost all the things human, is the right attitude. Do not look at yourself as an incomplete person in search for the “better half,” but as a happy human being who wants to increase his/her happiness by sharing it with someone special. I wish you all the best.

Love Overcomes any Handicap

Together…In sickness and in health, through paralysis, till death

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