Can’t forget my girlfriend, can’t marry anyone else. I just want to be left alone.

I have lost hope from life. Life without my girlfriend is like this for me...
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Dear Ma’am,

My parents are searching for a girl for me. The issue is that I can’t forget my girlfriend. When I see a girl I compare her with my girl and try to figure out what is common and if I don’t find anything I simply let off. My parents have no clue about the girl I love. We know our parents will never agree to our marriage as we are from different caste. My girlfriend tells me you marry first, then only I can marry someone in peace. We promised each other that if any help is required I will be there for her.

Now if I get to meet a girl I am confused if I need to tell her my past or not? If I marry her then I will feel that I am cheating on both. Cheating on my girlfriend that I did not marry her and cheating the other girl as I would be in love with my girlfriend. It would be emotional cheating. If at all I meet a girl, should I even say yes to her for marriage? I know that my girlfriend and I will not indulge in infidelity if I get married elsewhere.

I have lost hope. I just want to be left alone. Going outside the house is boring now. Life without her is like this for me. Am heartbroken.

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Snigdha Mishra says:

Dear Heartbroken,
You have already decided that you are not going to marry your girlfriend.

Recovery from the relationship
Are you both still seeing each other? If yes, then it would be beneficial

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  1. I do not know but I wonder if he is taking things too seriously or too lightly. Both of them are bad anyway. I mean he is too serious to make him feel depressed and too non-serious not to even try to tell his parents. It sucks.

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