Capricorn Man And Sagittarius Woman: Relationship Compatibility

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Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman

Is the person you’re with or have fallen for the right fit for you? It’s natural for the question of compatibility with an existing or potential partner to weigh on your mind. While there are numerous factors governing the answer to this question, for those who believe in astrology, zodiac compatibility between two signs is often an important yardstick to consider. 

If you’re a Capricorn man in love with a Sagittarius woman or vice versa, here is everything you need to know about what the relationship holds for you. 

Capricorn Man And Sagittarius Woman: Key Traits 

The relationship compatibility between partners in this pair in love can be pegged at about 60%. A relationship between people from these two zodiac signs needs a lot of work to sustain. These signs have very different characters and ways of life. However, if they try, this union can be successful. For that, you need to study your partner well and look for compromises. Let’s take a closer look at the key traits of people under these zodiac signs to help you get started: 

Capricorn Man

This earth element’s representative has qualities such as rationality, stubbornness, conservatism, patience, moral stability, stinginess in emotions and feelings, calmness, and a keen sense of justice.

Everything that the Capricorn man has, he earned himself. He is very hardworking and can achieve great success if he wants to. He is a good employee, a loving spouse and father, and a person you can always rely on. For his beloved, he will be a faithful husband. If he has decided to propose, he firmly believes in his choice. If you do not contradict him, his feelings will not fade with time but will become stronger.

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Sagittarius Woman 

She is a curious, active, emotional woman who always strives for something new. She has a fairy-tale thirst for life and does not like to sit still. Sagittarius hates whiners and knows how to solve problems without help from others. She can always be approached by someone who is humiliated, hurt, or robbed. She is also hardworking and resilient and often succeeds in her career or social life. People like her are like a tsunami.

Her negative quality is excessive straightforwardness. The woman always says what she thinks and does not care about who she offends. For this reason, she often becomes a party to conflicts. She is irresponsible and inconsistent. She does not plan and does not think ahead; her actions are guided by her desires. The Sagittarius girl is quite freedom-loving, so she will not enter into a marriage of convenience.

When a woman of this sign realizes that she has fallen in love, she transforms herself beyond recognition. First, she wants to do something nice for her chosen one but will expect reciprocation. Sagittarius is a bright and temperamental person. She hates routine and domesticity and will definitely not be a good hostess. A Sag woman would prefer to invest her time and energies in her work and social activities rather than household chores. If her chosen one insists that she become a classic wife, a housewife, it can repel her and even become a reason for betrayal.  

Capricorn Man And Sagittarius Woman Compatibility In Love, Live, Sex, And More

Clearly, these signs have their differences. In fact, they have quite a few clashing traits. So, how well do they get along in relationships? Let’s find out:

Family and love

At the beginning of their relationship, everything is dynamic and bright for these two. That is why Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman compatibility seems just perfect at first. The woman’s enthusiasm and cheerfulness strike him. In return, she admires his strength, determination, and self-confidence. They are attracted to each other. However, this admiration passes in marriage. 

Capricorn is homely and conservative. He likes the home to be cozy and bright. And if he is given the choice to go to some event or have dinner in the family circle, he will opt for the latter. Sagittarius, on the other hand, loves company and may get bored of staying at home. There will be conflicts because of this. In addition, the husband may consider his wife a lousy hostess because she does not like to do household chores. If they want to make the marriage more robust, these two should work in the same field or open a joint business.

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The zodiac signs compatibility of this couple is low. The man is conservative. The physical process itself is essential to him. She is absorbed in the spiritual part of the intimate sphere. She likes to fantasize and experiment. Sagittarius is irritated by Capricorn’s boredom in their private life, and he finds her overly emotional and impulsive.

To avoid aggravating conflicts, the man should loosen up in sex. Then, new feelings and emotions will seize him, and his partner will appreciate the efforts of his chosen one.


An offspring does not bring the partners closer together but alienates them. A Sagittarius woman sees them as a burden; she likes to be more involved in her career and social life. A grandmother or nurse will most likely devote themselves to children in such a family. A Capricorn man doesn’t accept such an approach. Instead, he will compensate for the child’s lack of maternal warmth in every way, support, and help in his endeavors. 

In general, this couple will have to work hard on their relationship. Capricorn will not change the values of life, and Sagittarius will only calm down with age. More often, such unions are created after forty years of age, when there is experience and wisdom. Having experienced a lot in a love relationship and understanding that without finding compromises, the marriage will not last long, these two will be able to find and keep their happiness.

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