Caption this and win prizes contest winners

Caption this and win prizes contest winners

1) Akshika  (for best Caption)

Her caption that caught our attention among the crowd is here:

“Give a girl right shoes and she will conquer the world, give her a flower crown as well and she will conquer your heart!”

2) Heena Shipra  (for tagging the maximum people)

Congratulations Akshika and Heena for winning gift vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each from Amazon.

Right in the middle of an ordinary life, love writes our fairytales – Feli Ann Rodrigues

I always keep my standards, head n heels high….it always make others sigh!! Rana Hasan

Hours fly, flowers die. New ways, new days pass by. Love stays. Karan Saraf

Special Mention to this poem that caught our eye by Rajaram Janardan

A poem to Share the Picture Magic

Before you, I walked this world alone,

Carrying the greatest loneliness ever known,

Prayers of mercy turn my heart to stone,

Forsaken by the Creator feeling disowned.

Capturing my hurts with all my might,

Only to set them free in the quiet of the night,

Forbidden thoughts with no light in sight,

Accepting my fate I gave up the fight.

Creator took pity on my heart he set me free,

He heard my cries he heard my pleas,

He showed me the greatest gift there can ever be,

Broke the curse and sent a sacred gift to me.

You are my night sky,

Feelings like this I cannot deny,

Now it’s tears of gratitude that I cry,

You are the one I will faithfully stand by.

love - friendship

When I look into your eyes I can feel your love,

My beautiful angel sent down from above,

Your the guardian warrior that I dreamed of,

A love like ours is more pure than the dove.

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