“Caption This & Win Prizes!”

Caption this and win prizes contest winners

Do you like looking at photographs from a different perspective? Do you also have an eye for picking up the story behind a picture? Or you can simply be someone who likes looking at a photo album and enjoy the nostalgia it evokes. A picture definitely catches your attention and your mind automatically captions it. Have a look at the beautiful picture get creative, out-of-the-box or simply wacky and come up with a caption that would make us giggle, laugh or smile. And if you manage to leave us spellbound, then you are in for a prize that is sure to cheer you up. So just stare, look, think and participate.

What’s in store for winner?

a) Best caption winner gets Rs 1000 worth Amazon vouchers (participate by submitting your caption in the comments section below)

b) Winner who tags most number of users gets Rs 1000 Amazon vouchers (participate by tagging your friends in the Facebook comments section below)

Last date for submission: 31st May, 2017

Winners will be announced on 1st June 2017

Please note that the decision of Bonobology team will be final


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