Carrying the burden home


There is stress associated with work – meeting deadlines, the peer pressures, the office politics, the mean grapevine and stiff targets and if you are not too lucky, then a tough boss comes as a bitter icing on the cake.

The struggle to balance work and home is never ending and most of us give in to these pressures. Home is no different, there is stress from the work at home, parents, in-laws, managing expectations, sharing workloads, children, finances, gossip, taunts , the list is endless.

We carry home the burden of this stress with us as negative emotions – from work to home and at times from home to work.

There is so much happening in life that couples find it difficult to manage their relationship and stress becomes a major cause of their woes.

Can we leave the stress in the parking lot ? And walk into our homes with a clear mind to give our hundred percent to our families? Then walk into our office with a stress free mind to give our best to our profession.

This habit can help in balancing work and life. Is it possible to do so? Yes, it is.

If your own happiness and the happiness of your family becomes your top priority, this is definitely attainable.


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