Arranged Marriage

India has progressed in leaps and bounds and the dating scene in the country has gone through a sea change but strangely enough arranged marriages are still more popular than love marriages.

Indian men get qualifications from universities, have good jobs abroad but they want to get married to a woman their parents would choose. The same goes for highly qualified, established Indian women too. They are also going for arranged marriages because that would provide them with security and parity.

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How I found true love in an arranged marriage

I Found True Love In My Arranged Marriage

His smile and that maturity in his voice and determination in his eyes to give me all the comforts was what silenced my tantrums. I could tell he was doing his best to be a good husband to me.

arranged marriage love story

A Love Story In An Arranged Marriage

He once told her he’d fallen in love with her incredibly long tresses that cascaded to her knees when she stood forlorn and barefoot in the train door

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