Spirituality and Mythology

Our articles demonstrate how mythology, art and rituals of ancient India can still be applied today regarding the contemporary generation. The Hindu spiritual and mythological landscape is populated by varied characters from the blood-letting Kali to the mysterious Shiva – all of whom provide a distinct perspective regarding relationships.

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Dance of the two spirals

Ever wished that your spouse ‘spruced up’ their looks, appearance or their life? Don’t ever try to change them. Here’s another trick to solve that problem.

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My husband's love, buried deep

My husband’s love, buried deep

When the meditation instructor asked her to think of happy moments, why did she remember her most painful phase of life?

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yin yang balance

Balancing The Yin And Yang Within Each Of Us

What do yin and yang mean? How to balance yin and yang? Will it even help? Let’s find out a bit more about this important aspect of ourselves we tend to ignore.

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