Chaahat achhi cheez hai: Nothing wrong with a little lust in your life

What’s wrong with a little lust?

Lust has always been one of the most appealing, fascinating, basic and uncomplicated feelings. When not intertwined with things like perspective, emotions, etc., it can be the most enjoyable thing there is. In today’s world, we are blasted daily with different notions of sexuality, whether it be pornography, TV, movies or those cheesy condom ads that so frequently appear when we’re watching a family show.

Lust is a very enjoyable thing, but important, too. It is like an energy drink that boosts my body, motivating me to do things. It literally wakes me up from a slumber and gets me moving, reminding me of the wonders of having a body. Getting aroused, I feel every part of my body, which is an experience in itself. And lust is the only thing that can make that happen with that level of effect.

Many people say that lust is a sin. But is it really? Lust has always been a trait inside every human. The only difference is, some are really good at hiding it and some are not.

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Lust for things

Bringing out some pictures and a chart to explain the concept of lust is a cliché (although there are some people who wouldn’t mind seeing that). Lust is a very expansive term which doesn’t only relate to the flesh, but material things, too.

Many people lust after cars, jewellery, paintings, tools, etc. And it is a very good motivator and people who lust for these things try to do their best to attain them. I, for one, have had a lust for buying a car for which I worked hard and saved money. And believe me when I say this, I have never been as happy as I was the first time I drove it after I finally got it. That true sense of happiness is something I’ve always strived for and my lust brought it to me.

Having a little lust in your life is also a good thing, because it doesn’t take over. It stays and keeps you on your toes. It is also something that requires timing and doesn’t strike you out of anywhere. I can’t feel lust when I have been stuck in mad traffic for 40 minutes and just want to reach home and rest.

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Not just for animals

Not just for animals
Overuse of anything is dangerous. But a little lust is no danger.

One of the biggest reasons why people have a problem with lust is that they think it is a low-life or animal type thing and strips the humanity from you, makes you an animal. But that is not the case at all. Yes, the quantity matters, as it does in all things. Overuse of anything is dangerous. But a little lust is no danger. It is not even a mildly wrong thing. And it hasn’t stripped me of humanity. In retrospect, it enhanced it even more because, with everything that’s going on in my life, a primal instinct gives me relief from the illusions of the world. That is a very profound thing and cannot be regarded as bestial.

Even when it comes to the flesh, I have saved myself from a lot of trouble by distinguishing between love and lust. Being OK with not wanting something serious and fulfilling the needs of my body has helped me keep my sanity.

All in all, incorporating a little lust in your life can take you a long way. There is nothing wrong with wanting something or someone. But always remember to keep yourself in check and don’t let it take over. You can always take a step back, reassess yourself and then move on with your life.

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