Chandigarh will always be special for our relationship


Life becomes lovely when your partner <too loves travelling as much as you do. There are many places we have travelled together but as soon as I read the topic for the blog contest, the only city that came to my mind is Chandigarh. I tried to recall all other places but Chandigarh will always be my favourite and I have magnificent reasons for this:-<</too

  • We celebrated our first wedding anniversary at Chandigarh. Everything that is celebrated for the first time is great. It absolutely was like the second< honeymoon and always special.<
  • Being economical from Delhi, the lovely town has become the weekend getaway and small break from daily life. For me, this has become the fastest break from Delhi as its only 5-6 hours drive on road or train facility daily or Volvo bus.
  • The couple walk and talk at Sukhna lake were the foremost restful and splendid time pass. We both could spend the maximum time walking at the lake. Boating is one of my favourite things to do. Beauty and the sunset of this lake are simply mesmerising.
  • Swings and water fall at Rock garden refresh our mind, boat and relationship. I love admiring the creativity of dolls, and animals created from broken bangles and cup plates. This garden reminds us that waste too can be converted into beautiful creations.
  • I being impressed by Bollywood movies and dream of having as a romantic partner as in movies. I love imagining myself walking at Pinjore Garden like the walk of a king and Queen or couples in the movies. And especially with the rainy season, it is the most romantic place to be with your partner.<
  • Apart from all this, long drive from Delhi to Chandigarh is awesome. Love the sightseeing and highway between the two. The other reason added is that we both love the road trip.
  • Roses are red, violet is blue, love blossom at Rose Garden with the beautiful view.
  • A recent addition to Japanese Garden to Chandigarh adds the more reason to visit our favourite place again and again.
  • Chandigarh will always be special to my heart as we used to visit here our grandparent house during every summer holidays. There are sure enough childhood reminiscences connected with the town.
  • Chandigarh feels like a second home to me and I could this place whenever I could.

We both have been travelled to various places. While Chandigarh is mine favourite, Goa is my spouse favourite and our little bundle of joy loves to travel anytime anywhere.


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