Change is essential but not always necessary

“Change is necessary”.

Yeah, change is necessary in every means of life, let it be technology or our daily routines, ranging from our breakfast menu to our birthday venue, from our school uniforms to our social interests. Everything needs a change.

So do we humans too, not only the materialistic world but the living world also needs to get changed.

Change takes our minds to the world of innovations and recreations. It refreshes our tired selves and brings a new energy to live life.

But apart from these changes, there are certain things, we don’t want to get changed ever. These are the things, we are most comfortable with, we know that they are best suited for us and nothing on earth can be better than these particular stuff.

Basically, such things are our emotional relations with our parents, siblings relatives, friends and our love partners. We don’t want them to get changed ever. They are our lifelines. Although, every person is subjected to some changes with time, their appearances, interests, desires and even their nature, but we wish our some of their specific qualities to remain eternally the same.

I, as a human heart want to say it to my love partner,

“Do change with time. I will be there standing by your side to cherish every single change that happens in you. Your hair turning grey, vision getting poor, skin getting wrinkled with age, your nature becoming more responsible with time, in your ups and downs, at your best and worst days, I will be there as your strength, holding you tight, so that you never fall.

But dear,

Keep a thing constant, your loving and caring heart, which you claim to be residing inside me, just the same. I do promise to nourish it with my love, care, support, respect and with my heart embracing it with it’s arms forever.

Do keep this heart the same inside mine, and this is it, I want from you, my love.”

And may be this… this is something, I want not to get changed ever.

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