Affair and Cheating

I cheated on my wife just after her delivery but I don’t feel guilty

They couldn't have sex during his wife's pregnancy and then the delivery so he visited a brothel instead
Men With kisses on his face

(As told to Joie Bose)

I found fatherhood daunting, so I had some extramarital sex

The greatest day of my life was not when my daughter was born. That was the most fearsome day. Don’t think I’m saying all this for I had a girl child. Trust me, had I got a boy child, my reaction would have been the same. Suddenly, with the cry of the baby, I became the responsible one. Even my wife, who used to be the responsible one, in a half drowsy state coming out of the operation theatre told me to take decisions regarding this and that and the other. The doctor too asked me what I want. I had smiled and said, “Whatever is best. I don’t mind paying.” Whatever he was saying didn’t even register.

Pregnancy was no fun

The fact was, I did mind paying. I would rather spend that money getting drunk. I’ve lived my life in a wild manner and I married the sexiest chick in town. I had a wedding on the beach and we had an unplanned pregnancy. I had told her to get an abortion, because I wasn’t ready to be a father, but she wanted the child. She stopped working and I had to support the both of us. Plus she fell sick very often during the pregnancy and eventually she even stopped sleeping with me. All this boils up.

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What about intimacy after having kids?

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