Chef and his crazy chicken

chicken biryani

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Cooking had always delighted me from a very long time, as a damsel too I had the craze to cook .But my marriage brought me to a family of foodies where not only all the female members but also all the male members were fantastic cooks.

My kitchen was always dominated with the Master Chef Hubby, I was just a visitor there and whenever I was in the kitchen it was real fun we did a lot of research in our novelty cooking. So our weekends was the real quality time we spent together in our kitchen.

We did a lot of cooking …but I loved the moments together….I loved the way he always vouched on me for chopping, cleaning and serving.

I learnt many dishes from him memorably… Fish Kalia, Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani etc etc…but I always love to prepare Chicken Biryani with him as we can spend around half an hour together in the kitchen …He also is a very good singer and in kitchen he just melodiously floods it with his romantic Kishore’s da…

Ablaze I go with your pampering touch

The seeds of a good food is about to reap

As your warm breath reconciles behind me,

I recall Nushrat’s style of cutting chicken. But he alone,

And we a company.

I smell not the roasted chicken, but the sweat of your body.

Your romance puffs like the sagacious chicken in the pan

Every moments together is precious, but heat in the kitchen is different

It brews up with the reddened chicken in flame  

The rice is all cooked and finally time to let the ambience out.

Than comes the herculean task of serving here too he is just behind me teaching me the laws of division. I learn and enjoy being his assistant in the heated kitchen. But somehow I always enjoy being just a learner, as it is then our weekends go spicy and finally the food gets brewed.


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