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Coco movie

Coco movie

When I took my kids to watch coco movie little did I know that I will come back feeling a little moist inside

I strongly believe in things like past life, life after death, hypnotism and was surprised to see a few of these elements showcased so well in a kids movie

The top five things that I felt connected with were

1. Everyone has a dream and it comes up from a past connection at times.. Let them pursue it

2. Remember your ancestors , listen to stories from your grandparents, chart out a family tree, try and write down the stories of your ancestors… Never forget who you are

3. Land of the death.. Yes it does exist is my belief.. Once a year it is important to do the rituals for the dead else they will come back to haunt you

4. Rebirth and past life

Based on your good deeds you will be born again in this world.. Do good stay good and make sure you do something right so that people remember you

5. Ancestors and beliefs

The stories and rituals done by elders do have some significance and value.. Trust and believe in them and try to follow them

What did you all learn from the movie.. If you haven’t watched it, go ahead and see it right away I suggest!!


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