Husband makes a face whenever I try to pay for things? Why make a fuss?

Although I am up for chivalry and love being pampered, I don't like it when my husband makes a face whenever we are together and I pay for something instead of him. We both are earning well. Why make a fuss about it at all?


Have a joint account and let all such expenditures go from that.


Ignore it. There is nothing wrong with the occasional pampering but never let anyone dent your self respect

  • Devlina
  • Posted: 04 Aug 2016

Mira: Totally second that,... but he's my husband.. so Ignoring it is more like ignoring him :( .

This is narrow-mindedness. No gender is superior. We should always aim for gender equality. And, paying for things is the beginning for such ideology. Other being, helping wife in kitchen and other household work and similarly wife can share the load of earning money and managing the finance and other related duties for home. That is how you maintain a healthy relationship where the spouses respect each other.


Mira: Sorry, but not all 'Should Have's are really practiced in real-life.

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