Why do men shy away from relationship discussions?

I find that women find it easy to talk about partners, men like to keep mum? Is it that they do not feel as much or they just think it is strictly private business?


Firstly , men are not as expressive as women. They like to keep their emotions to themselves. Secondly, they are not much emotional about the relationship as compared to women. For women irrespective of status, age and economic background, their lives revolve around relationships both good and bad.


To talk about the partner is to acknowledge that there expectations or dissatisfaction. Rarely, a relationship is so perfect that a public confession can be of very happy note. Men do not feel comfortable discussing relationships as in most of the cases, relationships go south on account of their negligence or external indulgence. A woman tries her very best to sustain and nurture a relationship. If, on the other hand, a woman has taken a call to abuse a relationship or not sustain the same, it is considered to shameful and 'unmanly' for the men to accept it. In either case, their point of view in a relationship is mostly unsaid or unheard.


Nothing new in that. Men tend to get bored easily in such subjects.


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