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is sex is a necessity for a marriage?

Could anyone tell how imp is sex in a marriage?I never had sex does this mean my husband is cheating. I know he is caring, person ... Read More

Does love seems missing in marriages after few years of it?

The spark, the wait and the love seems getting vanished after few years of marriage. Whether it's getting divided between the increasing members in fa ... Read More

Finances in marriage

Hi all. I was wondering about what everyone here thinks about "Finances post marriage." What I mean here is that if both the partners are working befo ... Read More

In a digital & chatting generation, how often do you think a relationship converts to marriage?

We all are so hooked to checking our social media platforms day in and day out and we come across so many people, we make connections, we form relatio ... Read More

Intercultural marriage

How many of you are married to someone from another culture, state or religion? What, according to you, is the best part of an inter cultural marriage ... Read More

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