How compatibility is important in a relationship Q&A with Deepak Kashyap

What is the importance of compatibility in a relationship or marriage? Deepak Kashyap the counsellor of Bonobology and renowned Psychologist answers that on FB live session

The importance of compatibility in a relationship is often brought up as it is one of the most important elements for a relationship to survive for a long-term. People judge compatibility based on personality, star signs, and so on. But it’s impossible to escape from the value society places on it.

How important is compatibility for a happy relationship?

Can two people who are opposites still be compatible? How can you define compatibility?

What does it mean to be compatible?

Compatibility is made up of multiple things in different forms. There are similar dissimilar interests, personal opinions, history, cultural background, political views, and other aspects that can play a major part in compatibility.

There are many factors that decide the success of the relationship, and one of the biggest factors is compatibility. If you have nothing in common and no shared interest with your partner, after a few years of relationship or marriage, the charm fades away and you have nothing left to talk or share.

Compatibility of opposites

However, two people can be opposite in terms of their likes and dislikes and yet still be able to have a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. It depends on how you both get along with each other.

It’s not necessary to have 100% compatibility with your partner but at least some level of compatibility should exist to have a good future together.

Generally, a relationship can last for long if it possesses chemistry and compatibility. These two elements are really important for a relationship to be happy and successful.

Watch out the video to see what our counsellor, Deepak Kashyap has to advise.

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