Affair and Cheating

Confession of an insecure wife – Every night after he sleeps, I check his messages

She snoops into his text messages and chats to see if he is cheating on her. Is she insecure or is he unfaithful?
man typing message on phone

(As told to Tuli Banerjee)

A letter of confession from a wife who spies on her husband

Dear Husband,

It’s a gloomy winter night and instead of being tucked up in bed with a comforter, I’m standing in the hallway, all chilly and shivery. Reason – I have something to confess to you… Yes, I check your mobile phone for SMSes and WhatsApp messages every night after you go to sleep.

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  1. I seriously liked the line which goes like “… and gain back my trust in you… rather in myself.” That is the point form where originates this rubbish thing as “insecurity” but look who is saying this as I too feel sometimes as an insecure woman. Lol. But yes, i agree with this.

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