Confession by people who have had revenge sex

Revenge sex is the act of sex performed as a desire to hurt or exact payback on someone.

While revenge sex is usually a onetime thing but it can have deep, long-lasting psychological effects on both the individuals. Here are some confessions made people that revenge sex on why they did it and how they did it with.

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  • Their partner was cheating on them

The most common reason for revenge sex is that their partner was cheating on them. It seems like the best option to even the score. “Tit for tat”

  • Getting back at a sister

Sister fights can be catty. An occasional war of words is understandable. But things can get really ugly when you exact revenge on your sister.

  • With the girlfriend’s sister

Sleeping with your girlfriend’s closest confidante is the biggest blow you can deliver. Its made worse by the fact that your girlfriend will feel betrayed by the two people she trusts the most.

  • With the boyfriend’s cousin

A cousin is not as close as a real sibling, but revenge sex with a cousin can get really messy.

  • With an ex

Getting back with an ex is in itself a terrible idea. Having sex with an ex is the epitome of bad decisions. Never do it!

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