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Still scared of abusive ex

It's been years.5 to be exact. I still am scared to be happy. Or whatever small happy moments I live, i never put it online on facebook. Even after se ... Read More


Bored to death!

I do not really believe in bringing the spark back. At the most it can lead to average sex! ... Read More


I feel if i do not divorce him, I will kill him!

This is how miserable he makes me! ... Read More


For a very long time I could think of men when I thought of songs. Not anymore.

This life does not seem worth living where I cannot romance in my head. ... Read More


I am chatting with 3 men simultaneously and they ready me for my husband in the evening. I do not snap at him

I have not met them, or sex chat, but we flirt like crazy! ... Read More


Found love outside marriage

I was married for 18 years then,when I met him on Facebook,almost 17 years younger to me.mine was not a happy marriage.we became friends and started c ... Read More


Nasty Breakup

My boyfriend of 6 months and I just broke up following a nasty spat.It was partly both of our faults. I hid details of my past from him because I fear ... Read More


My wife is very close with her college roommate

My wife is still close with her college roommate. They stayed in the same room for three years then they shared a flat for few years too. Now she is w ... Read More


Sexual performance, Alcohol dependence

Hello. I am married man, age 32 years. I have a beautiful and loving wife. We were married 5 years ago. During the first few years, sex was great. The ... Read More


My husband's friend hits on me and I like it

I have no intention of going for an affair at all. An unmarried friend of my husband frequently compliments on my look, my cooking and my homemaking t ... Read More


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