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funny situation

I got an inconvenient erection while waiting for dinner at my girlfriend's house, so I figured I'd t... Read More


My best friend have crush on another girl

I am feeling jealous that my best friend loves another girl. We have been known each

I am 24 year old guy & have girlfriend too. I am in depression these days as our neighbor aunt is de... Read More



Is pre-marital sex acceptable in our society


Feeling very lonely

I just want to tell that I am feeling very lonely. I am single and this is the worst feeling that an... Read More


Sex and Marriage

I want to confess that I am not into marriage and kids. But I am still responsible as Spider-Man. I ... Read More


Feeling Lonely !!!!

I was married in 2010 & life was going happy until I caught my husband with her ex- girlfriend. I we... Read More


My Parents don't that I am Lesbian

I am in relationship since 2015. I met her in my college & we became good friends. Slowly this frien... Read More


My In-laws are blessing to me

Most of the newly wedded girl thought how her in-laws will be. She thought weather they will support... Read More



I am pretty and good looking.... Still find hard to get a guy..... What subtle things do guys like i... Read More


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