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Husband insults my cooking

He hates it and says that I am no good and mostly eats at his house or outside. I tried learning fro... Read More


love and relationship advice

Who is the best person to take love and relationship advice? Someone who knows both sides, yet can b... Read More


Affair with ex

I am so confused! My ex came back into my life, and before I knew it we were intimate. Except I alre... Read More


Separation in marriage

My husband and I are taking a trial separation. I feel lonely and lost and that my life is a failure... Read More



Attachment with badlucks - short stories by Abhishek kumar singh Hereby thanks to all readers who re... Read More


break up after long relationship

Have been dating this girl for over 7 years, but I feel that I have grown out of love with her. She ... Read More


Online dating

I am 30 and planning to get into the online dating game. Am quite nervous as have not done this befo... Read More


Interracial marriage

I am having issues in my interracial marriage. I don't think my husband truly understands or cares f... Read More


Having an affair

I am in a long distance, but also in an affair with a colleague. My girlfriend is visiting and juggl... Read More


first breakup advice

I have just had my first break up and I feel broken. All those dreams and promises seem hollow. I ha... Read More


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