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Sexual performance, Alcohol dependence

Hello. I am married man, age 32 years. I have a beautiful and loving wife. We were married 5 years ago. During the first few years, sex was great. The ... Read More

My husband's friend hits on me and I like it

I have no intention of going for an affair at all. An unmarried friend of my husband frequently compliments on my look, my cooking and my homemaking t ... Read More

Why he has never asked me formally for a date?

I like a boy. some times we go out in a group, it is called a group date but it is not a proper date. Some times we end up going together casually for ... Read More

Not happy with live-in status of relationship

My boy friend suggested live-in relationship three years back and I agreed to it without thinking much. But now I am not happy with this situation. I ... Read More

Relationship after divorce

I am a divorce mother with two preteen daughter. I feel alone every night. I always crave for a relationship but I am always scared of bringing anothe ... Read More

Please help ! Breast peeping habit

After filling my brain with porn. I got a habit to peep into every women breast I encountered and many of them caught me and judged me based on this. ... Read More

Getting a call from ex after break up

I broke up with my ex six months back. It was sort of mutual decision but in my mind I always blame him for the break up. Just when I got over it I go ... Read More

Cheated on my spouse

I love my spouse with whom I have shared a wonderful decade. Yet I cheated on him recently. I did not cheat on him because of usual reasons, there was ... Read More

i feel ugly

i am growing old. i feel i am old and ugly now. i am scared. will my husband leave me for a young female? ... Read More

Staying on with cheating partner

I stayed on with my cheating partner for the sake of our children. He has promised me not to stray again but I can't help feeling quite ashamed of mys ... Read More

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