Confessions by married couples on why they stopped having sex

The journey of marriage is not a bed of roses. While no one ever knows what makes two people attracted to each other, there are reasons what makes them stay away from having sex with each other one fine day. And usually, the reasons they give are simply hilarious. Here we interviewed 6 Indian couples on why stop having sex and their answers will simply blow your mind.

Here one who stopped making out with his wife because she gained over 100 lbs of weight and he no more felt attracted to her.

Sometimes antidepressants are the culprits to mess up a couple’s sex drives as happened with the user ‘sirkibble14’ and her husband.

Speaking of weird, here one couple who has stopped having sex long ago because his wife decided that sex is too ‘icky’!

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When a couple stops feeling attracted to each other masturbation is the best option to please the self, as said couple no. 4.

Then this couple stopped making out because the husband could feel that she was not into it at all and doing it just for his sake. Instead of feeling like forcing himself on her, they stopped it completely.

Finally, here’s one couple who stopped having sex because the wife started using the act of love to get something or to cover up something she has done. Tch!

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