Confessions of a Woman Who Has Been Divorced Twice

She says she is divorced twice and has lost all her self worth.
a woman divorced twice finds it very difficult to survive in Indian society

I am 34 year-old-lady and I am divorced twice. The reason for the divorce both times was impotence of my partner. As such dealing with impotence in a marriage drains you emotionally and physically but I never imagined I would have to go through the situation twice. I am really frustrated now. I don’t know how to deal with all this. I feel I am too naive to judge people. I am unable to move forward and I cannot trust men. I am scared to get married again.

After being divorced twice I am living a nightmare now…

I feel people take me for granted and don’t respect me. I am not working right now. I resigned because even at the work place I feel the same that people try to dominate me. Also because of the trauma in my life, I have become obese and have developed PCOD. Please help me to deal with my life. I will be ever grateful to you.

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Dear, Dear, Dear

Please calm down and get a grip. You have lost your identity for you got sandwiched between two men and you always seek other people’s approval to be happy yourself. Let’s start one by one.

You should have a job

First get back to working. How you contribute to the world, makes you the person you are. Just do your duty. Then start by joining a yoga class and complete it with a walk in the evening. Listen to music. And watch movies. Read books. No need to talk to anyone or depend on anyone. And no need to find a man to make you happy. No other person can make anyone happy.

It doesn't matter if she is divorced twice should always have a job.
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Follow a daily ritual

And follow a daily ritual. Wake up in the morning – go outside and pick a flower from a tree. Come home and place it in front of the mirror and say this to yourself as you look deep into your own eyes, “You’re as beautiful and as innocent as the flower and wonderful things will happen to you.”  Believe in it. And kiss the mirror with a big smile. And write to me of your progress. Every two weeks. I will wait for your letters.

Joie Bose


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