I Miss Us Mom

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The time I spent with my mother before is no longer the same.
The games we used to play, the fun we had, the happiness which was created no longer takes place.
The bond we shared, the urge to meet each other after a long day no more exits.
The distance between us is increasing. No more night talks take place where I would share my heart out and so would you. Has the trust vanished. Do we no time for each other left.
The saddest part is there are answers to these questions.
Come back mom, I need you. Do not give me such harsh punishments.
I want the time back mom,
I want the bond back,
I want your trust back. I love you Mom; I Miss You!

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Posted by Anonymous (Confessions: 8, Replies: 0)
Asked on November 29, 2017 11:15 pm
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