Sibling Jealousy

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I am three years younger to my sister who is a doctor. I have graduated from a local university. Off late, I have found out that my elder sister does not like me. I have discovered this from her texts to her best friend.
I have been dating one of her school competitor for two years now and she hates that fact as she still finds him a competition. Though he has graduated from IIT, he is very grounded and isn’t proud of anything. She keeps accusing him of being proud and arrogant. She tells that he keeps flattering people and I fell for his flattery.
This has been fed to my mom, who was very supportive of this relation earlier. On the other hand, my would be in-laws are very supportive and love me very much. I am very sure that my sister is jealous of me as she has never got any time for living her life because she was busy with studies.
I have not told my mom anything about those texts as it will hurt her.

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Asked on November 29, 2017 7:16 pm
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