Confrontations and Confessions Suck.

Surabhi Pandey
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Confrontations and confessions are the two most popular flag bearers of honesty, truth and being real. And, rightly so. Philosophy stands by this idea ad so do idealists but I, being more of a realist, beg to differ. In real life, confrontations and confessions both suck. They generally ravage relationships than making them strong; they mostly break the bonds instead of strengthening them. Why, you ask? Let me try and explain. First, let us understand how confrontations work in real life.

Confrontations Lead to Disappointment

Yes, it is true. You find out something that your partner has been up to under your nose. He has been acting smart and coy about it. And one day you find out. It can be anything – an affair, smoke, booze, a hidden investment – whatever! Now, you were at your ACP Pradyuman best when you discovered this huge secret. You went a notch higher, from CID mode to FBI mode, and testified/validated your discovery with valid evidence. With a cup of coffee in your hand and a dirty/blank expression on your face, you confronted him (with a lot of drama and suspense). Forget feeling bad/guilty, he gave  a casual reply, “Haan, toh kya?” Worse. He charged/accused you of “spying” on him (which apparently you were doing but how does that nullify his heinous crime?!) Trust me. This happens in 7 out of 10 cases. Hence, confrontations are definitely sad. Now, let us try and understand my problem with confessions.

Confessions Never Do Any Good

Yeah, one should be hones. Yes, one should never hide anything from their partner. I agree that confessions help you get the wight off your chest. But, trust me, in the disguise of a friendly saint, confessions are a relationship’s worst enemy. There are two types of fatal consequences of this phenomenon: A: He listens to you intently and (pretends that) he is okay with it. You will be fine for the time being but the poison of your truth will creep in every single time you fight/argue/or for that matter open your mouth. B: He won’t even bother to let you finish and break up with you. (this one hits you below the belt)

I think it is often better to let the sleeping dogs be and carry on with a fresh start. I do not think that it is a great idea to flaunt mahanta and then screw up something beautiful.

P.S. I know a lot people will not agree. Would be interesting to read your comments 🙂

P.S. P.S. This blog represent my personal ideas and opinions. Not trying to generalise anything here. But trust me, take  a hint;)

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