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Stereotypes and Clichés run in the veins of our society. Despite the fact that we are going to celebrate 70 years of Independence this year, it baffles me how enslaved our thoughts are even today! The narrow-mindedness reaches ultimate heights when it comes to people’s expectations from their Bahoos after marriage!

I am 27. I am a Journalist. I am Married. I do not cook.

The above mentioned four facts in a row would come across as oxymoron to the flag bearers of “what should be done” (which, by the way are many)! How can she be working after marriage and if she doesn’t cook, what kind of a daughter-in-law/wife is she? (Is she even a mother yet? – Do not get me started on this one)

Well, Yes. You read it right! I am married and I do not fancy cooking much. Thankfully, I am married to a man who has both – brain and common sense. We have segregated household chores and we do our respective daily work as per our convenience. Since, both of us are working, this is how we roll. I clean the house while he cooks, and I do laundry while he does the utensils. He shops and I manage the budgeting.

Times have changed. Women today walk hand in hand with men. Ideas like these must not come across as far-fetched to us. Roles can be reversed as per the need of the hour. If he cooks better than I do, I do not see anything wrong in the fact that he spends some time in the kitchen. If I am better at housekeeping than him, I never mind spending a few extra hours doing the interiors of the house. The more flexible and accepting we become, the stronger the bond of marriage grows! So, this Independence Day, let us all be free of cliches and orthodox ideas. Let us follow the idea of live and let live.

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  1. I think this blog celebrates both marriage and Independence Day in the best spirit ever! Awesome read..

  2. Even I don’t get the big deal around this. I love cooking for my family and my girlfriend, while she does not like to cook. Does not mean she will be expected to become a chef to be my wife. Women have moved on and broken so many gender stereotypes. It is time for men to do the same!

  3. Actually, society needs more such stories to accept that gender should never determine the roles we play in put lives. As long as we manage the chores nicely and lead a peaceful life, it doesn’t matter who holds the broom and who, the baton.

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