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Contest: Based on the current book you are reading, which romantic location will you be transported to and why?


Hello Writers,

In association with Senior Reading Raccoons, we present the next contest –

“Based on the current book you are reading, which romantic location will you be transported to?”

Describe the location in 2 lines.

Submit your entry as a comment below and stand a chance to win Amazon Gift vouchers worth Rs 1000.

Last day of submission- 17th September, 2017 6 PM (IST)

Winner Announcement – 22th September, 2017

The winners will be first announced on WhatsApp on 21st Sep.

Subscribe to our Whatsapp number to get the results first.

Send YES to +919825027649 to register.

Contest open only for Indian nationals or Indians living anywhere.

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  1. Reading, The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, currently, which deals with exactly what the title says- the power of the here and now.

    So, my romance is in the here and the now, in a sweet and rustic town in Australia, that I live in. Spring is here and flowers of every hue are dancing in the amber sunlight, while I and my beloved drink up every nuance of being together- from the blissful to the troublesome.

  2. I’m reading Jerusalem – The Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore. One of the lines early on in the book describes Jerusalem as ‘the house of one God, the capital of two peoples, the temple of three religions and the only city to exist twice – in heaven and on earth: the peerless grace of the terrestrial is as nothing to the glories of the celestial.’ I believe the ‘heavenly’ comparison is reason enough to want to be transported to the intriguing city 🙂

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