Breaking the “Golden Rules of Marriage” is the new way to save your relationship!

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The term is enough to craft more than a few illusions in mind.


The moment he puts his hands on yours, the butterfly in your stomach refuses to die!

Okay, now let’s come back again to “our beloved planet Earth!”

My “happily-married-mom” often alleges that marriage is all about practising asceticism, self-denial, patience, and tolerance. The hottest experience of my lately-wed-sister articulates that if you wish for anything that offers instant fulfilment, then forget about marriage and go play a video game.

Goodness gracious! Giving an earshot to these ‘marriage-rules’ feels soooo… NAIVE!! I wonder if the secret to a successful marriage is actually “succumbing your soul” to these traditional rules and lookouts.

Eventually, I thought I’d not just pass on these purported rules, but make some of my own. In fact, why make the new ones when you can actually break those obsolete “rules”?

Just give it a thought! 

Can any rules transform my partner into the soul, who first strikes my mind, when I need to share something? Would any chapter make him read my thoughts and let me spell out just what he needs? Can any keynote make me accessible for my partner all through the good and bad times?


Then how can we repute these “golden rules” as the big-league for getting past rough blotches of a relationship?

The truth is — if we were asked to designate the “golden rules of marriage,” we’d end up running short of words. So, there’s no formula to marriage!

Sounds different? Well, “different” isn’t wrong; it’s just not the same. Because that’s “different”!

Oops! Does that get you scratching your head!

You think I have no idea what marriage and wedding vows are all about… huh?

Well, believe me; I know what it takes to institute healthy boundaries in a relationship. In fact, I have a different perception to share that may perhaps make your relationship less frenzied!

In my opinion, as you walk down the aisle, your love doesn’t stay to be a feeling any-more. Rather, it turns out to be a “commitment” to live together with all vows but NO EXPECTATIONS. An ‘EXPECTATION’ BEGETS ‘RULES’ and these ‘rules’ make your relationship repetitious and sour. So, as is evident, when there are fewer rules, there is less agony in life. By killing rules, you can anticipate your companion’s needs and can be what you are at the same time. Likewise, breaking the rules allows you to be “you” and by the same token, care about things that matter to your spouse.

So, SCREW RULES!! Just infuse your relationship with love and respect – expect less and contribute more! As simple as that!


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