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Contest: Can spouses influence each other’s political preference?

Calcutta Liberals


Bonobology, in association with Calcutta Liberals , presents the next contest.

In about 50 words, tell us, ‘Can spouses influence each other’s political preference‘?

Submit your entry as a comment below and stand a chance to win cash of Rs.500 via Paytm

The last date for the contest is 13-Feb-2018.

Winners will be announced on 15-Feb-2018.

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  1. Actually Wife husband relationship always make a good decision in every steps of life. But sometimes start convergence with personal mentality. Like news paper, News Channel watch or political topics discussion at office lunch or club, society etc make different mind both and both thinking self thoughts. Otherwise sometimes both try to giving priority in self thinks.

  2. As couple, we are so wrapped up in family matters, career, bringing up the kids and socializing that there’s any serious thought given to politics at home. We do talk about politics when we read something in the newspaper or watch in the news channel or when it is time to vote. I vote the candidate irrespective of his party, if he or she seems to be capable of. My husband does political analysis of the party the candidate belongs to before he votes.

  3. The answer is a resounding YES ! The keyword here is TRUST.
    Often in a political narrative, one is simply not sure if you can trust the opinion of the commentator.
    In a committed relationship like that with a spouse, however, one can put all prejudices and reservations aside, and actually focus on the CONTENT.
    I’m sure it won’t be too long before both people in a relationship start echoing similar opinions on MOST political matters !
    After all, couples usually share similar viewpoints on most societal issues – the foundation for any opinion on politics!

  4. It’s depends on spouse’s behaviours, support, external entities, power of to handle the situations and many more.

  5. Well it is not specifically about couples only but most of the people who live together tend to influence each other’s political preferences… When two people live together they are highly influenced by each other’s life, choices, opinions etc. and thus getting politically influenced isn’t a big deal at all…

  6. Influencing each other’s political preferences depends upon what kind of relationship a couple shares.In some relationship a partner blindly follows the opinion of the other one whereas in some cases both the partners can be strong opiniated and can follow their own political preferences,.So in my opinion influencing or following both depends on what relationship you share with your partner.

  7. If both the partners are least politically inclined, or both of them have strong political affiliations, then I think the question does not arrise. In the first case, politics will not be part of their discussion; and in the second, it is very unlikely that one would be influenced by the other because politics is generally followed with the same vigour as romance, and people generally do not compromise. The question arrises if one of the partner is political and the other is apolitical: in that case, the former one might have the inclination to get spouse toe his line.

  8. Oh Yess. They seriously do. We have examples, in fact have seen political ideologies dominate similar way among couples even before they being spouses sometimes. It strengthens the bonding between two, but sometimes opposite ideologies do influence negatively in conjugal relationships.

  9. As they say ” Love is blind ” thus either of the spouse can definately influence any views including political preferences I think.When both are matured and have different choices then the smarter one will create the influence on the other. To keep the relationship balance both will agree to each other’s view.

  10. I dont think so.. especially when either spouse is fiercely independent and assertive. It is quite unlikely that a person who has grown up with a certain mindset will be so pliant as to be influenced by his/her spouse. A lot of factors shape our political outlook and one’s spouse cant influence that.

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